# Subjects

A Project is composed of Subjects which are made of Skills and a single skill defines a training unit within the gamification framework. Subjects are a way to group and organize skill definitions within a gameified training profile.

SkillTree Dashboard Subjects

Subjects offer the following features:

  • Skills - create and manage Skill definitions.
  • Levels Model - Subject specific level model definition so users are awarded subject level achievements.
  • Icons - assign subject specific icon based on fontawesome or material icon sets or use a custom icon.
  • Stats - Subject specific charts and graph and user stats.

To create a Subject navigate to Project -> Subjects and then click the Subject + button.

SkillTree New Subject

Property Explanation
Subject Name Display name of the subject
Subject ID The subject ID
Description (Optional) Description, can be used to describe the topic of the subject. The Description property supports markdown.
Help URL/Path (Optional) URL pointing to a help article further documenting information about this subject. Please note that this property works in conjunction with the Root Help Url project setting


To navigate to a specific skill you can drill down into a subject card or use the Search and Navigate directly to a skill component

# Best practices

  • Do your best to create subjects in multiples of 3. On a larger screen, the Skills Display renders up-to 3 subjects per row so 3, 6, 9, 12, etc., will look the best.
  • Use the same icon style/set for all subjects. We support font awesome, material and custom icons
  • Strive for each subject to have a similar number of points. The Project -> Subjects page shows subject cards and each card exposes the Points % which reflects the subject's percentage of the total available Project points.
Last Updated: 11/28/2022, 8:01:48 PM