# Skill Groups Since skills-service:1.8.0

Skill Groups is a way to group/organize skills under a subject. Projects are composed of Subjects which are made of either Skills or Skill Groups. A group is a collection of 2 or more skills that you want to keep and achieve together. A group is achieved when all of its skills are fully completed. Alternatively, a group can be configured to only require N number of the group's skills.

Partial Requirement Example

If let's say a group has 5 skills, you can configure it to only require 3 skills. In this case, when any of the 3 skills under that group are completed then the group achievement is awarded!

Skills Group Screenshot

To create a group, navigate to Project -> Subject then click on Group +, the following group properties can be specified:

New Skills Group Modal

Property Explanation
Group Name Display name of the skill
Group ID Group ID that will be used to identify this group
Description (Optional) Description of how to perform this skill. The Description property supports markdown.

After a group is created then skills can be added to the group. To add Skills to the group expand the group and click on the Add Skill To Group button. This will bring up a new skill dialog, to learn more about skills and their attributes please visit the Skills Section.


When first created, a Group is not visible on the Skills Display and will be labeled with the Disabled tag in the Project Administration dashboard. To make the group visible click on the Go Live button. To learn more, please visit the Group's Lifecycle Section below.

# Groups Visibility Lifecycle

When a group is initially created it will have 0 skills and will be tagged as Disabled. Skills can then be added to the group but it will continue to be disabled until the Go Live button is clicked and the action is confirmed.

Disabled groups have the following behavior and attributes:

  • Group is NOT visible in the Skills Display
  • Skill events cannot be reported for any skill under the group

The disabled state allows project administrators to fully customize groups before exposing them for user consumption. There is only 1 requirement in order to Go Live - that the group must have at least 2 skills. Once a group is switched to a Live state it can never return to the Disabled state.

# Partial Skill Requirement

Groups have an option to only require N skills out of the total available number of skills added to the group. For example, if a group has 5 skills, you can configure it to only require the completion of 3 skills. In this case, when any 3 skills under that group are completed then the group achievement is awarded!

Please note that in order to modify the number of required skills in a group, the Point Increment and Point Occurrences attributes must match for all the skills under that group. If Point Increment and Point Occurrences are not aligned then the SkillTree dashboard will present a sync dialog to seamlessly align these attributes. The reason for this requirement is that the group's skills points contribute to the subject's and project's points and when partial completion is configured there would be no consistent way to calculate points if they didn't align between the skills in that group.

Partial Requirement Example

Let's say a group has 5 skills with the partial skill requirement of 3. If each skill is 10 points then the group has 30 total points. The same 30 points will contribute to the subject's and project's points as well. Although a user can complete all 5 skills in the group, only 30 points will be awarded.

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