# Projects

A Project is an overall container that represents the skills ruleset for a single application with gamified training. Project's administrator(s) manage skill definitions, subjects, levels, dependencies and other attributes that make up an application's training profile.

SkillTree Projects Admin

Creating a project is simple, all you need is a name. While the project id is required, it will be automatically generated (you can optionally override the generated id).

To create a project click the Project + button.

SkillTree Projects Admin

A Project is composed of Subjects which are made up of Skills and a single skill defines a training unit within the gamification framework. Once the project is created you have an empty canvas on which to compose and manage your application's training profile. Generally the next step is to create a number of Subjects and then start constructing Skill definitions within those Subjects.

The Dashboard user that creates a project is automatically granted the role of administrator of that project. Project administrators enjoy the following benefits:

Function Explanation
Subjects Add, edit or remove Subjects
Skills Add, edit or remove Skill definitions
Self Reporting Self Report is a feature that empowers users to mark skills as completed directly in the SkillTree dashboard OR through the embedded Skills Display component.
Access Management Assign or remove Project's administrators
Badges Add, edit or remove Project's Badges
Levels Customize number of Levels and their attributes
Dependencies Specify the order of Skills completion. For example Skill A must be completed before Skill B can be attempted
Cross-project Dependencies Create and manage Skill dependencies across multiple Projects which practically equates to cross-application Skills
Contact Users Communicate with users of your Project
Metrics Charts and graph. These are page specific - Project, Subject, Badge, and User will have stats specifically for those pages
Issues Errors related to the Project such as non-existant Skills that have been reported
Settings Project level settings

# Settings

To manage and view project-wide settings navigate to Project -> Settings.

Project Settings

The following project-level settings are available:

# Setting: Discoverable

This setting is only available when Progress and Ranking views are enabled. Please visit Progress and Ranking section to learn more.

# Setting: Use Points For Levels

Use Points For Levels - switch between two level management strategies:

  1. Percentage based - levels are calculated based on configured percentages of total available points (ex. Level 1 = 10% of total points)
  2. Point based - project admins specify start and end point values for each level

By default the Percentage based strategy is configured, changing the Use Points For Levels setting to true enables Point Based explicit level point management. To learn more please see the Levels section.


You must define at least 100 points for a project before switching to point-based levels management

# Setting: Level Display Text

The word Level may be overloaded to some organizations (for example you can call it Stage). You can change the value displayed to users in Skills Display here.

# Setting: Root Help Url

Skill definition's Help Url/Path will be treated relative to this Root Help Url. For example, if

  • Root Help Url = http://www.myHelpDocs.com
  • and a Skill definition's Help Url = /important/article

then the client display will concatenate Root Help Url and Help Url to produce http://www.myHelpDocs.com/important/article.


If a Skill's Help Url starts with http or https then Root Help Url will NOT be utilized.

If a Skill's Help Url is blank then no url will be displayed even if Root Help Url is configured. In other words Root Help Url only works in conjunction with a Skill's Help Url.

# Setting: Self Report Default

By default, Self Reporting is disabled when creating or modifying a skill. If your project primarily consists of Self Reported skills, enabling Self Report Default will result in the selected Self Report Approval type being the default for any skills created after this point

Please visit Self Report section to learn further.

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