# Progress and Ranking

The Progress and Ranking pages visualize the user's current Progress and Ranking across multiple projects. There is also a way to drill-down into a specific project to view its progress and ranking.

Please Note

Progress and Ranking views are optional pages and not all of the SkillTree installations will have them enabled. These views are enabled through start-up configuration Progress and Ranking views properties. Progress and Ranking pages are generally only applicable when

  • there are a number of applications integrated with this SkillTree installation
  • the same users utilize multiple integrated applications
  • the SkillTree dashboard is used to allow users access to Self-Reported skills.

The Progress and Ranking views support:

  1. Customization of My Projects - only view progress and ranking for the selected projects
  2. Customization of the sort order of 'My Projects'
  3. View Progress and Ranking across all of your projects
  4. Drill-down into a specific project to view current progress and ranking
  5. Request points for self-reported skills.

When Progress and Ranking views are enabled, the drop-down menu at the top right will feature extra navigation options of Progress and Ranking and Project Admin

SkillTree Dashboard Menu

# Projects Catalog

The Projects Catalog page presents a listing of available projects that can be added to your Progress and Ranking: My Projects view. You can find the Project Catalog by navigating to the Progress and Ranking views and then clicking on the Project Catalog button. Once there you can easily add and remove projects.

Manage My Projects Page


Please note that only projects with Project Discoverability setting of Add to Project Catalog selected are presented in the available project. Project owners can easily enable discoverability on the project's Settings page.

Project Settings

# Progress and Ranking: My Projects

The Progress and Ranking view, otherwise known as the My Projects page, visualizes the currently authenticated user's current Progress and Ranking across all selected projects.

SkillTree Dashboard Progress And Ranking

On the bottom of the page each project summary card is clickable and will display the current user's full Skills Display for that project when clicked.


You can re-arrange projects' display order by grabbing the arrows icon on the top left and dragging the project into its new position.


By default, the Progress and Ranking view is the landing page for the SkillTree dashboard. This can be changed to the Admin View via the Preferences Page.

# Selecting Default Landing Page

You can customize the landing page by visiting Settings -> Preferences:

Preferences Page

# Badges Page

You can view your earned and available badges by visiting the My Badges page from the My Projects page.

My Badges Page

The My Badges page is broken down into My Earned Badges and available badges. You can click on each earned badge to see the skills and points that were achieved to earn this prestigious award.

Available badges lists all of the badges that have not been fully achieved and

  • are from one of the Projects selected for My Projects OR
  • are a Global Badges that has a Skill or Project Level requirement from on of the Projects selected for My Projects


You can search badges by name as well as filter by Filter Component to Project Badges, Gems or Global Badges

# Contact Project Admins

Users consuming a micro-learning training using SkillTree can easily communicate with the administrators of that specific training profile. After drilling down into a specific project to view that project's progress and ranking views, a contact project button button is presented on the top right.

The Contact Project button displays the contact form where users can enter and submit a message for that project's admins.

contact project form

Once the Submit button is clicked an email with the provided message is sent to all project's admins.


Please note that the Contact Project button is only display if the Email Server Settings are configured, otherwise the button is not displayed as emails cannot be sent.

# Daily Usage Page

You can view your daily usage for the selected projects by visiting the My Usage page from the My Projects page

My Usage Page

# Admin View

The admin view provides access for project administrators to create and manage training profiles. The page is clearly labeled with an Admin stamp which visually differentiates it from the Progress and Ranking view

SkillTree Dashboard Admin View

To get started with managing a training profile create a Project followed by Subjects and then Skills. Please visit the Building Training Profile section to learn more.


Please note that in the rare case that a single user creates more than 10 projects, they will be displayed in tabular format instead of the default card display.

Last Updated: 11/3/2023, 11:47:32 AM