A micro-learning gamification platform

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User Engagement
Enable users to Quickly learn new features and effectively master advanced features. Improve training recall through continued user engagement.
Consistent and innovative solution takes the guesswork and maintenance out of implementing gamified user training.
Reduced Cost
Fewer training sessions - less support costs. Continued user engagement in application training promotes local experts.


A web-based user interface that enables creation and management of an applications' training profile.

Effective and visual skill definition management
Comprehensive visualization
Visibility of application expertise
SkillTree configuration management
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User Display

Pluggable user skill and ranking visualization - customize and use the display component in your application within minutes.

Out-of-the-box support for:

Rapid Integration

Quickly integrate gamified training into your web-application.

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Did we mention it's FREE & Open Source??

Read our extensive documentation to learn more about the SkillTree platform.

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