# Overview

This section focuses on installing the SkillTree platform. Once the service is installed you will have access to the management dashboard and API.


Please note that this section is only applicable if you are installing the SkillTree platform from scratch. If your organization is already running a centralized service please proceed to the Integration User Guide or the Dashboard User Guide

There are two official distributions:

Quick Start shows how to install and start each distribution type.

Once a distribution has been selected, the next consideration is to select an installation mode. The SkillTree platform supports two modes:

  • Password Auth Mode: Accounts created and managed by SkillTree and/or delegated to OAuth2 authentication provider (ex. GitHub, Google, etc..)
  • PKI Auth Mode: PKI Mode is for intranets where organizations utilize PKI with 2-way SSL certificates to implement authentication and authorization. User's browser must be setup with a personal PKI certificate and that certificate must be issued by a Certificate Authority trusted in the dashboard application's truststore.


Use Password Auth Mode if you are not sure which mode is applicable to you.

Please visit the Installation Modes section to learn more.

So what's next?

  • Quick Start: Become familiar with starting the service, the dashboard and what client-lib integration looks like.
  • Development Installation: Run the dashboard and the service on your test and/or development environments.
  • Production Installation: Detailed documentation for production-grade installations.
  • Configuration: SkillTree configuration and catalog of options.
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