# Dependencies

Dependencies add another facet to the overall gamification profile, which forces users to complete skills in a specified order. If you set up Skill A to depend on the completion of Skill B then no points will be awarded toward Skill A until Skill B is fully accomplished.

Project Dependencies

Keep in mind that Skill B must be fully completed first before any points will be awarded toward Skill A.

To add a dependency navigate to Project -> Subject -> Skill -> Dependencies

Add Dependencies

# Best practices

  • Do not create very complex dependency chains - a simple, direct and shallow dependency chain/tree is the best approach.
  • Use dependencies sparingly, they complicate the training profile and may confuse users.

# Cross-Project Dependencies

Cross-Project Dependencies facilitate cross-application training and enable users to become domain experts across several applications. These dependencies are critical when actions are required to be performed in more than one tool in order to complete a task.

To create a cross-project skill:

  1. In Project A navigate to Project -> Dependencies
  2. Scroll down to the Can be added as dependencies in other Projects section
  3. Select skill to share with other projects, for example, Skill A is selected
  4. Select which project to share the skill with OR share will all projects, click Share button
    • for example, Skill A is shared with Project B
  5. In Project B navigate to Project -> Dependencies, you will see that Skill A was shared with this project under Can be added as dependencies to your Skills section
  6. Now in Project B Skill A can be added as a dependency to any local skills using Project -> Subject -> Skill -> Dependencies
Last Updated: 12/13/2022, 2:52:20 PM