# Database

By default the skills dashboard stores its data into an embedded in-memory H2 database. That data is ephemeral and will not persist between application restarts. While this is a great way to get started quickly it is obviously not appropriate for a test or production installation. Please note that you can easily add a property (discussed below) to make the embedded H2 database persist to disk, however we don't recommend using a H2 database in a production install.

Here is an overview of supported options followed by sections describing each choice:

Database Supported Version Use Case
H2 1.4 + Dev Only
PostgresQL 10 + Production + Dev

# H2 Database

Embedded H2 will be used by default - data will be ephemeral and will not persist between application restarts. You can make the embedded H2 database persistent to a file via a configuration property:


You can also use the H2 database in server mode via the following properties:


and ensure that an instance of the H2 database is running at the configured location.

Friendly Reminder

H2 is purely for prototyping and development and shouldn't be used in production mode

# PostgreSQL Database

To configure PostgreSQL as the database, set the following properties:

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